ANHYDRO VTFB 52 Fluid Bed Agglomorator

ANHYDRO VTFB 52 Fluid Bed Agglomorator

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This listing is for a 1998 ANHYDRO VTFB 52 Fluid Bed Agglomorator. Previously used in the production of powder detergent products. Mixing and agglomeration of the raw materials take place in a vibrating fluidised bed providing the ideal condition for this type of operation. Liquid raw materials such as surface active components and liquids distillate are atomised onto the fluidised pewter mixture. The fluid bed consists of a mixing chamber with fluidisation area, fines separation areas and perforated plate for are distribution at the base. The air supply under the base is dividcdd into four compartments each with a guiding vane to allow different fluidisation to take place The fluid bed is supplied with vibrator motors to give optimum air distribution. Size: 12.5 m2 Capacity: 10 Tonne per Hour Stock Code: BFPT058


ModelVTFB 52
Stock NumberBFPT058