2011 OCTOPUS 1800SF

2011 OCTOPUS 1800SF

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This Listing for a 2011 OCTOPUS 1800SF Fully automatic pallet wrapping machine

Fully automatic rotating ring pallet stretch wrapping machine with steel frame , for pallets 1000mmx1200mm.Siemens S7-300 Series PLC with siemens TP177A. Including Light guarding safety system SICK Inc safety fence kit with one door . Inc speed up kit to Octopus 1800 SF. -Increases speed rotation from44rpm to 50rpm ,faster ring up and down movement -double wrapping start from top ,Load height including pallet top 2000mm.Capacity =wrapping time +conveying time =approx 40sec per pallet Aprox 90 pallets per hour .Inc Integrated RCS Reel change system . Equiped with a manipulator and two cassettes. Film Cassette will be changed automatically without operator intervention ,when the system senses a lack of film or film break.Operator can load new film while Octopus is wrapping .Signall for empty film carriage with amber warning beacon.


Stock NumberLUPF046