2017 Alpha Converting Alphamatic MP008 Rewinder with Accumulator

2017 Alpha Converting Alphamatic MP008 Rewinder with Accumulator

$65,000 (USD)

Dunstable, United Kingdom

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This listing is for a 2017 Alpha Converting Alphamatic MP008 —  a fully automatic centre surface winder with accumulator. The unit was purchased new for £274,388 and is being made available here at a massive discount for a limited time only. Web transport The web is transported by a series of lightweight Plasma non-stick coated idler rolls. A driven pull roll with air loaded nip roll is driven by a servo motor and controls the speed of the web in the machine according to the status of the rewinder. The final roll on the accumulator section is fitted with slack edge adjustment. A non driven bowed spreader roll is fitted to ensure that the web is flat prior to rewinding. Rewinding The rewinder is fitted with a split shafted rewind arrangement for high productivity and also to ensure accurate starting of the webs without tape or glue to the cores, with optional core taping. The rewind core is held on a pair of air inflated shafts (with Morse taper fitting ) supported by a pair of arms mounted on a full width cross beam. The roll moves out from the winding position for unloading and loading of new cores. The rewind roll is driven by an AC servo motor operating in torque control. Winding torque is automatically adjusted with increasing roll diameter. Web cut off The web is cut by a traversing shear knife system, leaving a short tail that needs to be wound in on the finished roll. There are two label applicators fitted to the machine, placing a 150mm x 40 mm plain label on the tail edge of the finished roll when a non-adhesive product is being wound. Non stop operation The rewinder is fitted with a powered web accumulator that can store up to 40 metres of web. The accumulator allows the line to continue at full speed during the roll change. The accumulator is fitted with an air controlled dancing roll for precise control of the web tension. Tension in the accumulating zone is independent of the rewinding tension. The speed of the accumulator movement is synchronised with the pull roll speed for smooth control of the web. The accumulator is fitted with access doors on both sides in case it is necessary to remove open faced adhesive products from the rolls. Hydraulics: 70 Bar Gross Weight: 8500kg Max Roll Weight: 300kg Max Product Width: 1645mm


ManufacturerAlpha Converting
ModelAlphamatic MP008 Rewinder with Accumulator
Serial NumberMP008
Stock NumberSDCL003