LINX 4900 Continious Ink jet Printer

LINX 4900 Continious Ink jet Printer

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This listing is for a 2004 LINX 4900 Continious Ink jet Printer. This listing is for a LINX 4800 Continious Ink jet Printer. The Linx 4900 printer system is a fast, reliable non contact ink jet printer designed to provide versatile, uninterrupted operation in factory environments. It is used to apply sell by dates, batch codes, logos and other valuable information to a wide range of substances on the production line using 'continuous ink jet' printing technology. The printer works by propelling a jet of conductive ink through a hole in the printhead nozzle. Before it exits the nozzle, it is pulsed to produced a constant stream of identical ink drops. These drops are emitted from the printhead in lines known as rasters. Each raster has a certain max number of drops that determines the potential height of a character. Stock Code: BFPL069 Stock Code: BFPL066


Stock NumberBFPL066