LEUZE PRKL 713/24 DL8 Photoelectric Sensor (50037118)

LEUZE PRKL 713/24 DL8 Photoelectric Sensor (50037118)

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This listing is for a LEUZE PRKL 713/24 DL8 Photoelectric Sensor (50037118). - Laser retro-reflective photoelectric sensor. - Adjustable laser collimator for adaptation of the light beam (focus) to the application - Detection of smallest objects or gaps - High switching frequency of 5khz Product Family: PRKL 713 Range: 0-17m Voltage: 10-30 Light Spot Diameter: under 1mm Light Source: Laser (modulated light) Wavelength: 670nm (visible red light, polarised) Switching Frequency: 5khz Protection Class: IP67 Stanards Applied: IEC60947-5-2 All of our stock is in good condition and has been tested prior to removal. Because we have multiple units in stock there may be superficial differences from the item pictured. Stock Code: SPEC0503 Part Number: 50037118


ModelPRKL 713/24 DL8
Stock NumberSPEC0503
Part Number50037118