2000 ANHYRDRO Detergent Pilot Plant Complete Plant

2000 ANHYRDRO Detergent Pilot Plant Complete Plant

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This listing is for a 2000 ANHYRDRO Detergent Pilot Plant Complete Plant. Capacity: Approx 1 Tonne per Hour depending on powder density. Process Description: - Main powder Infeed from 1T Big Bag via K-Tron Weighbelt - Minor powder feed via K-Tron Screw feeder. - Bucket Elevator to K-Tron Weighbelt with a Twin screw prefeeder, discharging directly to a 1.25 - SQM Anhydro Fluid Bed Agglomerator with Metered Liquid additions available at Fluid Bed Agglomerator. - Discharge from Fluid Bed Agglomerator to a vibrating Sieve, discharging to a twin 1/2T IBC filling station. - Fluid Bed Agglomerator has 3 sections, with individual pressure fans and heat available on the first two. Exhaust air is removed via a Cyclone and Bag filter to the Main Exhaust Fan. - All powder recovered from the air system is recycled to the Fluid Bed Infeed. - Liquid system consisting of 5 Small Stainless tanks feeding two multiheaded Brann & Lubbe metering pumps, feeding 6 Flow & Return lines, 3 with Micromotion Coriolis Meters fitted. - Process is run under full automatic control from a single twin screen workstation of a ABB Sattline Control System Upgrades: - Control system upgraded in 2010 Technology: - Fully Automatic control system based on ABB Sattline technology, with Profibus and Modbuss multidrop communications. - Main process Technology is Anhydro Fluid Bed Agglomeration. Used For: - Both Phosphate and Phosphate Free formulations for Textile Washing Powder and Tablets. - Both Phosphate and Phosphate Free formulations for Dishwashing Powder and Tablets. Full Documentation Available Stock Code: BFPP000


ModelDetergent Pilot Plant Complete Plant
Stock NumberBFPP000