2011 OCME PEGASUS M300 Robotic Palletiser

2011 OCME PEGASUS M300 Robotic Palletiser

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This listing is for a 2011 OCME PEGASUS M160 Robotic Palletiser. Robot palletiser with multiple gripping system. Grippign head equipped iwth a pallet and layer-pad gripping device. Suited to bundles, cartons, plastic crates, multipacks. Max Speed up to 3 layers per minute without interruptions (15 cases/min per lane in current configuration). Main Features: Payloads up to 300Kg All industry standard pallet types can be handled including Chep pallets, Euro pallets, 600 x 400, 800 x 600 display pallets, UDP and RDP Robot Palletiser Full Layer Gripper OCME patented designs are used to ensure that the centre of the layer does not drop out Layer pad and slip sheet handling options User friendly Palletising pattern generation software available to assist with and simplify introduction of new palletising patterns Rapid changeover between patterns Remote diagnostics and assistance available Pallet dimensions: 1200x800-1200x1000-demipallets Pallet Maximum Heights: 1950mm Stock Code: BFAU011


ModelPEGASUS M300 Robotic Palletiser
Stock NumberBFAU011