MORTON FKM3000D Powder Mixing Plant

MORTON FKM3000D Powder Mixing Plant

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This listing is for a MORTON FKM3000D Powder Mixing Plant. Complete powder mixing plant initially used for detergent powders and available as a total system. Includes the following: - FLOMAT Vibratory Bag Discharge Unit - NITCHI EMT-5 Electric Hoist 2000kg - FLOMAT Screw Feeder - ANGUS POWDERFLIGHT LTD M10029187 Rotary Screw Powder Elevator - MORTON FKM3000D 20875/M Plough Shear Mixer - NNP Liquid Addition System - PALAMATIC ST 2000 2942-1995 Sack Tip - NNP Cut Up Station - AVERY WEIGH-TRONIX Weigh Station - ANGUS POWDERFLIGHT LTD M10062163 M10062163 Rotary Screw Powder Elevator - NNP Sieve - NNP Filling Head - SALTER WEIGH-TRONIX W1 127 6965 Weigh Station - DUSTRACTION 60 R.P 16788 Dust Extraction Vacuum Unit - Gantry Stock Code: BFES000


ModelFKM3000D Powder Mixing Plant
Stock NumberBFES000