2011 ACMA FLOW PACK SPO SX Flow Wrapper


2011 ACMA FLOW PACK SPO SX Flow Wrapper

United Kingdom


This listing is for a 2011 ACMA FLOW PACK SPO SX Flow Wrapper. FLOW PACK continuous motion automatic packaging machine for food products of various size formats with reel-fed wrapping material. The machine has been designed to be inserted into highly automated packaging lines and is capable of executing several continuous shifts per day. In its original configuration this unit unit handled Single packs containing two laundry tablets having a diameter of 44 mm. Min product size (mm): 20 x 10 x 5 Max. product size (mm): 350 x 150 x 100 (also 350 x 250 x 100 with extended film width) Mechanical Speed: up to 600 packs/min. Production Speed: up to 700 individual products/min. Production Speed: up to 350 packs/min. Outer diameter for film reels (mm): 400 mm Inner diameter for film cores (mm): 70/76 mm Standard film width (mm): 400 mm Optional extended film width (mm): 600 mm Max film speed: 60 mt/min. (equivalent to 400 ppm with a 150 mm film cut off) Approx. total weight: 2500 Kg. Electrical power supply: 380 V, 50 Hz, 15 KW including EWF supply, 3 phase + earth+neutral. Compressed air supply: 6 bar - Compact, cantilevered design for clean product flow - Independent servo drives for: chain infeed, longitudinal sealing rollers, cross sealing rollers - Three (3) sets of longitudinal sealing rollers built in a separate hygienic housing - 1st set of longitudinal pulling and sealing roller with inclination adjustment for optimum wrapping quality Stock Code: BFPL036


ModelFLOW PACK SPO SX Flow Wrapper
Stock NumberBFPL036