2005 MACSA I 1010 ICON Laser Coder


2005 MACSA I 1010 ICON Laser Coder

United Kingdom


This listing is for a 2005 MACSA I 1010 ICON Laser Coder. iCON does not use ink. This means very low costs: no consumables budget and no ink system to maintain. iCON is unique. Now price is no longer a reason not to use a laser. iCON by Macsa delivers top quality performance at a competitive price. iCON will go anywhere. It is small and compact so it can be installed in the most difficult locations. And because it is a laser it can code onto both stationary and moving products. An external controller can be connected if necessary. iCON can be trusted. Because it is based on Macsa’s 25 years experience in laser technology it is very reliable; maintenance and repair costs are minimal. Power: 10w Wavelength: 10.6μm Mains Supply: 115V / 230 V 50/60 Hz Dimensions: 632.5mm x126mm x183mm Net Weight: 10kg Gross Weight: 12kg System: Laser, scanners, power supply units, control electronics and CPU in the laser system Industries: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Beverage, Personal care, Packaging, Tobacco Work Distance: 95mm Food Distance: 100mm Marking Area: 30x30mm Power density (kWcm2): 24.3 Beam Diameter μm: <324-S Software:


ModelI 1010 ICON Laser Coder
Stock NumberBFPL040