2004 ACMA NWF-381 Carton Filler

2004 ACMA NWF-381 Carton Filler

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This listing is for a 2004 ACMA NWF-381 Cartoning Machine. Automatic continous motion carton filler model NWF 381 with net weight filling of free flowing and granular products into pre-glued cartons fed from magazine. Size range: from E3 to E20 Speed range: Min. speed up to 80/min. corresponding to the carton E20 Max. speed up to 240/min. corresponding to the carton E3 Machine complete with: One complete set of change parts to be defined ROTATIVE POWDER FILLER - The filler consists of no. 20 filling stations supplied with weighing cells. - The circumference pitch is 381 mm. - High flow slot filling nozzle driven with mechanical/ pneumatic actuators. (A no format change release is going to be studied in a second step); - Vibrating platform (if needed for the smaller formats); - Coaxial dust evacuation on each nozzle with central collecting unit and powder recirculation/stocking; - High hygienic tank ; - Parts in direct contact with the product built with polished stainless steel AISI 316 ; - Working height : 1100 mm +/- 50 mm ; - Direction of rotation : counterclockwise ; - Noise level : 80 dB(A) ; - Air immission in light overpressure to the load cells and on the board electronics ; - Separate Rittal control cabinet with protections IP 43 ; - Cable loom between the cabinet and the machine : 10 m long in aerial chute ; - Product infeed to be defined. (Device at customer’s charge, regulated by the filler product call) ; - Guarding and safety features placed around the machine, fitted with microswitches for the immediate stop in case of opening ; - Clutch limiting device to prevent any mechanical overload on the main drive ; - Machine supplied with one set of size parts for one carton format ; - Change of size parts without tools; - Tank level control by a mechanical device; - Machine speed adjustable from the control panel; - Manually adjustable guides; - The tank can be opened for inspection - The machine is equipped with an effective aspiration system that evacuates the dust that is generated by the powder falling inside the box during the filling operation Stock Code: BFPL052


ModelNWF-381 Carton Filler
Stock NumberBFPL052