2011 DIMAC ST@R ONE F B.I Shrinkwrapper

2011 DIMAC ST@R ONE F B.I Shrinkwrapper

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This listing is for a 2011 DIMAC ST@R ONE F B.I Shrinkwrapper. ST@R ONE shrink wrapping machines, compact in design but technologically advanced, are Dimac’s proposal for customers that need a solid machine with minimum footprint. "Top Level" electronic ST@R ONE shrink wrapping machine control allows high production performance. ST@R ONE series shrink wrapping machines are designed for easy operator use. In fact, the touch screen panel can be used to control all machine parameters and production statistics, manage and modify sizes and control tunnel temperatures. ST@R ONE shrink wrapping machines are predisposed to be connected with a centralised net for data production management. The system includes an indeed unit, frame and drive unit, separator unit and heat tunnel. Suitable for bottles, cans, pots, multipacks and bricks. Up to 30 packs/min. WORK CYCLE The phases that make up the machine work cycle are illustrated and described below. For further information please consult the booklets on the installed functional units. A) Product infeed area: infeed can be either automatic or manual. B) Product channelling area: product is sorted and channelled in the guides. C) Product alignment area: product is divided in rows. D) Product separation area: product is separated in set quantities according to package size. E) Carton application area (flat carton or tray): flat cardboard is inserted under the product to prevent damages. F) Tray formation area: cardboard tray flaps are folded and glued. G) Film wrapping area: product is wrapped with film. H Film heat shrink area: the film is heated to adhere to the product shape. L) Product outfeed area: outfeed can be automatic or manual. Stock Code: BFPL049


ModelST@R ONE F B.I Shrinkwrapper
Stock NumberBFPL049