1988 OCME THS 50 Shrinkwrapper

1988 OCME THS 50 Shrinkwrapper

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This listing is for a 1988 OCME THS 50 Shrinkwrapper. This unit operates by heating the air sent toward the packs. The direction and quantity of air passing over the packs can be regulated by relative air locks. The air is recirculated inside the stove by exchangers generating heat by means of electrical resistance. The air is distributed all over the surface of the generators, it withdraws the heat required to maintain the set operational temperature. Electrical Requirement: 415Vac, 50hz, 48kw Performance: 40 bundles per minute Track: Single Weight: 1.630kg Width: 4500mm Height: 1040mm+ Base Number of heating blowers: 2 Stock Code: BFPL054


ModelTHS 50 Shrinkwrapper
Stock NumberBFPL054