NORDSON Hotmelt Glue System with Hand Guns

NORDSON Hotmelt Glue System with Hand Guns

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This listing is for a NORDSON Hotmelt Glue System with Hand Guns. The Series 3700 melter is the main component of the hot melt system. The melter liquefies the adhesive, maintains it at the setpoint (operating) temperatures, and pumps it through hoses to dispensing guns. The guns apply the adhesive to the surface of the product or package. The guns may be automatically operated, by an air supply or an electric gun driver, or hand-operated. Most automatic gun systems also use a timer, pattern controller, or programmable logic controller (PLC) to trigger the guns. Series 3700 melters can be used to melt and pump almost any thermoplastic adhesive or similar material that can be liquefied and extruded at temperatures below 218 _C (425 _F). The melters are not intended for use with polyurethane-reactive (PUR) adhesives because these adhesives require unique systems designed to prevent curing of the adhesive inside the dispensing equipment. Stock Code: BFPL061


ModelHotmelt Glue System with Hand Guns
Stock NumberBFPL061