GERICKE GCM 1200 Continuous Mixer

GERICKE GCM 1200 Continuous Mixer

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This listing is for a 2003 GERICKE GCM 1200 Continuous Mixer. Gericke machines and processes have been setting the standards in mixing technology since 1894. They produce high-quality intermediate and end products with maximum homogeneity. Extremely fragile products are handled very gently. Micro ingredients are accurately mixed. Capacity throughput: up to 60,000 litres per hour Drive Speed: 1400rpm Mixing tool speed: 51rpm Tangential speed of mixing tool: 1.28 m/sec Weight: 450kg Air consumption: max 0.1m 3/min Suitable across food, chemical and plastic processing industries. Stock Code: BFPT090


ModelGCM 1200
Stock NumberBFPT090