K-TRON K-MV-S500 Single Screw Volumetric Feeder

K-TRON K-MV-S500 Single Screw Volumetric Feeder

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This listing is for a 1999 K-TRON K-MV-S500 Single Screw Volumetric Feeder. Precise medium rate volumetric feeding of materials from free flowing powders and granules to hard-to- handle powders. The feeder can be upgraded to a loss-in-weight feeder system at any time. Single-screw feeder with interchangeable feed screws as part of its modular design. All parts in contact with the material are stainless steel. Feeder is easy to dismantle for quick cleaning and change-over. The powersphere feeder module is a completely smooth, perfect hemisphere that naturally promotes massflow and eliminates the corners and crevices where material can collect. The horizontal agitator gently moves bulk material to the discharge screw. The large throat allows easy material flow and excellent screw fill. Flow Rate up to 15300 dm3/hour depending on configuration. Stock Code: BFPT092


Stock NumberBFPT092