JENCO C36 - 30MC Vacuum Conveyor Hopper Loader

JENCO C36 - 30MC Vacuum Conveyor Hopper Loader

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This listing is for a 2014 JENCO C36 - 30MC Vacuum Conveyor Hopper Loader. Comprising strong hopper with nonreturn tangent inlet, robust flap outlet with proximity level switch and optional ‘high fill’ level sensor. Complete with large capacity filters and hinged top cover which includes an air reservoir, and incorporating pulse-jet compressed air filter purge and pipe connection to remote vacuum pump. Requires a supply of clean dry air at 4 Bar Used in multi-station central vacuum stations or as a single unit, operation is governed by remote control panel which opens vacuum valve to powerful suction from remote vacuum pump causing material from any remote container to be conveyed into hopper. After a preset time vacuum valve closes, allowing material in the hopper to open the flap and to discharge. When free of material, the flap closes and initiates a repeat convey/ discharge and filter/ purge sequence. Maximum Throughput: 1000kg per hour Filter Area: 4m2 Motor Power: Up to 5.5kw Volume: 30 Litres Weight: 50kg Inlet: 50/76mm Stock Code: BFPT094


ModelC36 - 30MC
Stock NumberBFPT094